White House Wednesday | Crib Notes

By Robert Hancock
Senior Curator & Director of Collections

The crib at the foot of the bed in the master bedchamber reminds us just how young a family lived in the house during the war. While Jefferson Davis was 53 years old when he moved into the executive mansion, his wife, Varina, was eighteen years his junior and their oldest child at the time was only 6 years old. The couple had a total of six children and their last two children, William and Varina Anne, were both born in the house during the war.

June 2017 Documents of the Month | Camp Sketches


By John Coski

The most popular subjects of sketches by Civil War soldiers were their camps – no doubt a product of the amount of time they spent in those camps. Highlighted here are two such sketches from the Museum’s collections: a simple pencil and ink sketch of a simple camp at Neil’s Dam, Virginia, 1861, by Pvt. Kennedy Palmer of Company H, 13th Virginia Infantry, and a more elaborate sketch of the more elaborate winter quarters of an artillery battalion in Albemarle County, Virginia, 1863-1864.


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